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Big Red Sports Network Profile: Andrew Lee ‘22

By Alex Xia ‘23 

Big Red Sports Network Reporter Alex Xia ‘23 recently sat down with Andrew Lee ‘22 for some midseason insights into Lawrenceville’s golf team.  

Alex Xia: What would you say has been the team’s biggest triumph so far?

Andrew Lee: Our biggest triumph was when we competed in the Mercer County championships. We came out victorious in first place after beating both Princeton High School and Peddie by three strokes, who were the closest to us.

AX: What have you been working on to improve as a player this season so far?

AL: Personally, I have been working on keeping my mental game sharp after bad shots, knowing how to stay within the round even after bad breaks, and staying in the moment. Even when I make good shots, I don't get ahead of myself. 

AX: Were there any surprises in your performance or the teams?

AL: We lost two matches to Blair by three strokes each time, and based on our makeup and their makeup, we can definitely beat them. Both times we made mistakes that we can and should fix. 

AX: How different has the team been performing compared to last year?

AL: I think we're a lot more focused this year, especially now that the varsity team does not play on Lawrenceville course, we play on public courses outside of school. It gives a lot more experience playing on different types of courses. 

AX: What do you say that the team has improved the most so far?

AL: We got off to a rocky start, as we lost our first two matches to Hill and Blair, but since then we have gained a lot of experience and we have a lot of drive to compete better.

AX: What are some of your aspirations?

AL: To have more wins against MAPL teams.

For additional information, contact Lisa M. Gillard H'17, director of public relations, at lgillard@lawrenceville.org.