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Big Red Sports Network Profile: Ani Kozak ‘23

By Liepa Vysniauskaite ‘24

Ani Kozak ‘23 is currently one of the captains of the Big Red girls’ varsity ice hockey team, which she has been a part of for four years. She will continue her hockey and academic career in one of the world’s most prestigious universities, just up Route 206, at Princeton University. Big Red Sports Network Reporter Liepa Vysniauskaite ’24 spoke recently with Kozak to gain insight into her life and passion for this sport.

 Liepa Vysniauskaite: When did you start playing hockey?

Ani Kozak:  My parents put me on skates as soon as I could walk. By four years old, I was playing organized hockey, and I’ve never looked back!

LV: Are you a part of any other varsity teams at Lawrenceville? If so, which ones?

AK: As of last spring, I became a member of the varsity softball team.

LV: What position(s) do you play in hockey? 

AK: I am a forward, specifically a left-winger.

Ani Kozak '23

Photo credit: Liepa Vysniauskaite ‘24

LV: Do you plan to continue to play hockey in college? 

AK: Yes, I am committed to Princeton University to continue my hockey career at the Division I collegiate level.

LV: Is there any significance to your uniform number?

AK: When I arrived at the rink for my first day of “Learn To Play” with my dad, I had my pick of any jersey on a rack, and as a New Jersey Devils fan, my dad said to me, “How about Parise?” Zach Parise, at the time, was the captain of the N.J. Devils and wore #9, so I became #9 and have continued with that number throughout my entire career. #9, however, will not be available at Princeton next year, so I will wear #27 in honor of my dad.

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