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Big Red Sports Network Profile: George Northup ‘23

By Alex Xia ‘23 

Big Red Sports Network Reporter Alex Xia ‘23 recently sat down with goalie George Northup ‘23  for some insights into Lawrenceville’s boys’ varsity lacrosse team.  

Alex Xia: How long have you been playing?

George Northup: I’ve been around lacrosse from a very young age, but I really began to take it seriously when I was around thirteen. I started playing with more intense club teams and began to take a look at the bigger picture.

AX: Do you plan to continue to play lacrosse in college?

GN: I will be playing at Yale after graduating Lawrenceville – I loved it as soon as I stepped on campus and obviously, you can’t beat the mix of academics and lacrosse.

AX: What are you doing to improve as a player?

GN: Our goalies (myself and Timmy Piacentini) have been lucky to work with Assistant Coach Jack Runkel often throughout the winter and spring to develop as players. It’s been a lot of goalie-specific technique drilling and coaching on our overall roles as players on the field.

AX: What do you enjoy most about your sport? What do you find most challenging?

GN: I love competing in general. There’s something special about stepping on the field whenever I play that’s hard to describe, but it's an intensity that I can’t find anywhere else. As for what’s most challenging, it’s always been tough to find consistency but I’ve gotten into a good rhythm recently

 AX: Are there any short term goals that you would like to see yourself or the team accomplish?

GN: We want to win the National Championship this year.

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