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Big Red Sports Network Profile: Joshua Cigoianu ‘22

By Daniel Lu ‘24 

Big Red Sports Network reporter Daniel Lu ‘24 recently spoke with captain of the boys’ crew team Joshua Cigoianu ‘22 for some insight into his experience on the crew team. 

Daniel Lu: How did you get into rowing and how long have you rowed?

Joshua Cigoianu: I picked up rowing my freshman year at Lawrenceville and have rowed ever since. I never knew much about the sport before coming to Lawrenceville; however I had a close friend from my hometown, Manhattan Beach, CA, and both of his parents rowed for Princeton. They told me about the sport and encouraged me to try it out, so my freshman spring I decided to come out to tryouts. It’s been all fun times since then!

DL: What do you enjoy most about rowing?

JC: What I enjoy most about rowing is the pure competition. There is nothing more intense, fierce, and absolutely, mind-numbingly grueling than lining up side by side with one to five other crews and racing with everything you have inside of you. The hard work, the pain, and the overall grind is what makes it worth it.

DL: What does it mean to you to be captain?

JC: Being captain of the Lawrenceville boys’ crew team this year is one of the biggest honors I’ve ever had in my life. This sport has given so much to me: whether it has been love of the sport, or a team that I can call my family, the team means the world to me. My hope as captain is to build that same type of family and community in the team this year, as well as set an example to all the younger guys about how to approach this sport day in and day out. 

DL: How has the team progressed so far through the season?

JC: The team has progressed really well. This is our first year with a spring training trip since 2019 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has been nothing sort monumental for our development. Over 10 days in Georgia, the top squad rowed about 180 miles before the season even started, which was huge for every single guy on the team. In our first race of the season, we beat some really strong crews, and now as we’re getting into deep end of our racing schedule, we’re hoping to send even more teams home in every competition we participate in.

DL: What are some personal or team goals you have for the season?

JC: Personally, I want to continue getting stronger and faster, while also continuing to develop my finesse on the water. I will accomplish this by chipping away, every single day at practice, at one thing at a time. As a team, it’s simple: I want us to get faster at each level of the program, beating crews along the way, and specifically for the top squad, I want us to win the Stotesbury Cup Regatta. Lawrenceville has never won that competition, but I think with some solid work this season, we can be a scary team out there at the end of May. 

DL: What are you looking forward to most in the season?

JC: I’m looking forward to progress. I get so excited and encouraged when the boat makes small improvements that eventually manifest themselves into wins. I’m looking forward to finding our speed every day in practice. 

 DL: Do you plan to row in college?

JC: I plan to row for the Princeton heavyweight rowing team.

For additional information, please contact Lisa M. Gillard, director of public relations, at lgillard@lawrenceville.org.