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Big Red Sports Network Profile: Kyle Ozgun ‘24

By Avianna Zampardi ‘24

The 74th Lawrenceville School Boys' Ice Hockey Invitational Tournament begins today! Big Red Sports Network Reporter Avianna Zampardi recently interviewed fellow Fourth Former Kyle Ozgun to learn more about the goalie's hockey career and hopes for the 2022-23 season.

Avianna Zampardi: How long have you been playing hockey?

Kyle Ozgumm: I have been playing hockey since third grade.

AZ: What is your favorite aspect of hockey at Lawrenceville?

KO: I really enjoy spending time and practicing with all of the guys on the team and our competitiveness against other schools.

AZ: Do you play any other sports at Lawrenceville?

KO: I do, I play junior varsity lacrosse and House Football, which I love because I get to spend time with my Housemates in Kennedy, the best House on campus.

AZ: What games are you looking forward to most this season?

KO: I am looking forward to the Brunswick home game, as well as the Lawrenceville tournament.

AZ: You were recently named Lawrenceville School Athlete of the Week after a 38 save shutout. How are you able to stay locked in during your games?

KO: I stay confident in my preparation and keep doing what I’ve been doing during practice. I’ve been preparing really well and putting in the work this season, and it earned me that shut out, so I will continue to keep up the hard work every day.

AZ: What are your personal goals for the season?

KO: My personal goal is to continue to win games. I want to continue to do my job as a goalie to help us win as much as possible.

AZ: What are your team’s goals for the season?

KO: The biggest goal the hockey team has this season is to try and win the Lawrenceville tournament. I think we have a really good group and a solid schedule for this weekend, so we’re going to try and bring home the win.

For additional information, contact Lisa M. Gillard H'17, director of public relations, at lgillard@lawrenceville.org.