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Big Red Sports Network Profile: Nathan Hu ‘25

By Samuel Xie ‘24

Big Red Sports Reporter Samuel Xie ’24 sat down with Second Former Nathan Hu to hear about his experience on the Big Red boys’ junior varsity tennis team.

Samuel Xie: What are some of the strengths that you have observed in the team so far this season? What are some of the weaknesses?

Nathan Hu: Some strengths I have seen on the junior varsity team would most definitely include the strong chemistry we have. Instead of playing singles, we usually play doubles, which helps build relationships between teammates. Our team bonded together very quickly. Also, I have noticed that everyone on the team is improving very quickly, from Akhil's [Datla ‘23] calculated volleys to George's [Ryan ‘25] powerful groundstrokes. Some weaknesses I see would generally be with the serve, for many people the serve is the toughest part of tennis, because firstly you need to build a consistent service that gets in the box, and also a powerful one, one that the opponent cannot hit back easily.

SX: How would you describe the team atmosphere?

NH: The team atmosphere is supportive and nice, we have a few jokes here and there, but in games where we face adversity, we really bond together and try to help each other. This is especially true during "clutch" situations, where every point counts, our entire team will watch the game and cheer on.

SX: What are you most looking forward to this season?

NH: I am looking forward to more games in general, I find it super fun player against opponents similar in skill to my level so I can improve and have fun. I also love games because they are just fun experiences that I get to experience with my friends on the team. I am also looking forward to improving my serve, before coming here, I couldn't hit any hard serves, only consistent ones, but now I am now starting to hit more consistent hard serves. I hope to improve my serves during the season because it is really important in deciding whether we win the point or not.

SX: What is unique in your playing style?

NH: I think my play style is more centered around hitting groundstrokes and sort of penetrating the doubles play style of the opponent. For example, if I saw the player up at the net was not the best when it came to volleys, I would try to target him, or maybe if my opponents have bad communication, I will hit more balls towards the middle.

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