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Big Red Sports Network Profile: Noah Lazar ‘23

By Cesar Rodas-Menendez ‘24 

Big Red Sports Network Reporter Cesar Rodas-Menendez ‘24 interviewed the boys’ varsity squash team captain Noah Lazar ‘23 to learn more about his playing career and team goals.  

Cesar Rodas-Menendez: When did you start playing squash?

Noah Lazar: I started playing squash in sixth grade.

CRM: How long have you been playing squash for Lawrenceville?

NL: I have been playing squash here since sophomore year, so I’m now on my third season.

CRM: Do you plan to continue playing squash in college?

NL: Of course!

CRM: Do you hold any school records? Are there any that you are aiming for?

NL: No School records but I am a four-time member of the U.S. Squash All-Academic team and [was chosen to the] second team of the All-Mid-Atlantic Squash Association.

CRM:  What is it about squash that makes you enjoy the sport?

NL: Just going out there and being able to compete for yourself as well as your team. Also, having a really close group of guys and girls to rely on every day during practice.

CRM: What does it mean to be a team captain?

NL: It allows me to help my team out. To grow and just become better players throughout the year. Last year, I learned a lot from [captain] Victor Park, who would always put in the effort, day-in and day-out. It's a new role for me in which I get more insight on how the team works and its dynamics. [Head Coach Rob Krizek] does a great job of distributing the balance between us, so he's great at actually formulating the practice. The captain’s role is primarily to develop the team dynamic, to continue it from last year, and create a winning season for us.

CRM: Are there any games you’re looking forward to the most?

NL: The [Feb. 1] Hill match. It will be great this year, especially after how tight it was last year. I was the deciding match last year, it was a huge moment for my squash career at Lawrenceville, and I think I’m really looking forward to it again this year. Also, of course, nationals at the end of the season.

CRM: Any personal or team goals for the season?

NL: Just being in the top division at Nationals, which is I believe includes the top six teams in the country. Hopefully, again, we can get there.

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