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Big Red Sports Network Profile: Sofia Swindell ‘25

By Bryan Boanoh ‘25

Big Red Sports Network Reporter Bryan Boanoh ‘25 caught up with School record-setting Sofia Swindell ‘25 to find out more about this varsity athlete and her goals for track this winter.  

Brian Boanoh: How long have you been doing track? What made you start?

Sophia Swindell: This is my sixth year. . . . I was always the fastest person in elementary [school], so I wanted to see how fast I could get

BB: Are you doing any other varsity sports at Lawrenceville or just track?

SS: Track is my main focus, but I play varsity soccer in the fall.

BB: Do you prefer track or soccer?

SS: Soccer is more fun at times but I feel that track is more rewarding, and I’m better at it.

BB: What events are you currently doing in track?

SS: Hurdles and triple jump.  I sometimes get put into sprints, and [I recently did] long jump.

BB: Out of those events, is there one that you would say is your favorite?

SS: Triple jump is definitely the most fun, hurdles is also fun but it’s kind of scary.

BB: What makes hurdles scary?

SS: Just the fact that you could fall.

BB: Do you currently hold any School records?

SS: I hold the [girls’] outdoor triple jump record.

BB: What was the distance?

SS:  37 feet, 7 and a half inches.

BB: Are there any records you’re looking at breaking this year?

SS: I’m going for the outdoor hurdles record, I think I could break the indoor triple jump record, but I think it’s cool how I hold one record and Rhianna [Scott ‘25] holds the other record.

BB: Are there any upper formers this year or last year that you look up to?

SS: I definitely looked up to Greg Foster (‘22) because we do the same events and you could tell he had such a high work ethic.

BB: Are there any personal goals you have for this season?

SS: I don’t have any specific goals for times or marks, I just want to keep improving, and I guess have more confidence with hurdles.

BB: How’s the new coach [Alexander Kocar] been?

SS: He’s definitely been tough, tougher than last year, the workouts are harder, and it’s more work but at the end of the day you feel more accomplished.                                                                     

BB: With last year’s seniors gone and a lot of new Second Formers on the team,  do you think there’s a positive difference this year compared to last year?

SS: I feel the dynamic this year is a bit better because we are outdoors and we are doing tougher workouts so I’d say that we bonded a bit better.

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