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Big Red Sports Network Profiles: Fifth Form Golf Captains Ben Gubbay & Harrison Berger

By Etta Schar ‘23 

Big Red Sports Network Reporter Etta Schar ‘23 recently met up with boys’ varsity golfers Ben Gubbay ‘22 and Harrison Berger ‘22 to find out what the team co-captains expect to see from their squad this year.  

Etta Schar: When did you start playing golf?

Ben Gubbay: I started playing golf when I was around five years old with my dad.

Harrison Berger: Age seven.

ES: How long have you played golf for Lawrenceville?

BG: Three seasons [Third Form season canceled due to COVID-19]

HB: Two seasons [came to Lawrenceville as a new Third Former]

ES: Do you hold any School records?

BG: Nope, maybe one day

HB: No, hopefully this year.

ES: Have you won any awards for your sport? 

BG: MAPL All-League Team Selection, MAPL All-Academic Team Selection

ES: How does it feel to be competing again after COVID?

BG: It feels great. The 2021 season went well and I’m eager to play Hill as our first match in 2022 on April 2 at Lawrenceville..

HB: It is really nice to be out competing again, especially with no masks as at the beginning of last year we had to wear masks. This first match is a big one.

ES: What do you enjoy most about golfing at Lawrenceville?

BG: I most enjoy winning and watching everyone on the team get better as the season progresses.

HB: I enjoy being able to compete with other teams and getting wins as a team.

ES: What does it mean to you to be a team captain?  What do you feel your role is/responsibilities are as team captain?

BG: Being a captain is an honor, but it does not change how I approach the sport or being on the team. I try to be a leader and role model and form trust between team members. I am also there to help my teammates get better and give them advice I have gathered through my years playing golf and at Lawrenceville.

HB: It is a great honor to be a captain. I love being able to be a role model to the younger kids in our program and to watch our team grow as a whole. I think that my responsibilities are mostly just being there for the younger guys if they are struggling as well as keeping the team morale up through tough times. At the end of the day, Ben and I want to win and that is what we hope to accomplish this season.

ES: Are there any matches/meets/games that you are especially looking forward to?

BG: The Peddie Swing against Cancer Tournament (April 23 at Peddie) because we are defending champions. The Crooked Stick championship against Hill (Round 1, April 7 at Lawrenceville, Round 2, May 7 at Hill).

ES: Any personal or team goals for the season?

BG: Win MAPLs, the Crooked Stick, the Swing against Cancer tournament, the NJISAA tournament, and our matches against Peddie.

For additional information, please contact Lisa M. Gillard Hanson, director of Public Relations, at lgillard@lawrenceville.org.