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Big Red Athletics: This Is Why We Do It

COVID-19 prevented Lawrenceville from interscholastic matches this fall, but not for a moment did it dampen the camaraderie and competitiveness of Big Red athletics. In this week of Thanksgiving, we offer our sincere gratitude to the Lawrenceville student-athletes, families, coaches, and Athletic Department staff for their unswerving dedication in an unprecedented fall season. Head Coach of the girls’ cross country team Katie Chaput exemplified Big Red spirit in a recent letter to her team:


Today was cold, we were all tired, and comfy rooms and quiet studying beckoned us. I was worried about your morale, the effort you would be willing to put forth as you rounded two long laps (and three hard miles) of the course. Why try? Why push? Our rivals from the Hill School weren't chomping at the bit to beat us today, we had no season-defending race to run. In fact, most of you are trudging through final work before heading home to a winter that promises little more than long days at the computer, long hours at home.

But sometimes the worth of doing a hard thing can be felt in miles run in a frosty, darkening afternoon in the last moments we can all be together. Sometimes, by doing a hard thing together, we make meaning out of nothing. And I saw meaning in your faces as you rounded that final curve to sprint for the finish, as Allison [Haworth ‘22] led Jane [Atkinson ‘24] to another personal record, as Uma [Zimmerman ‘23] ran her fastest 5k ever, as Keira [Lehmann ‘24] ran with guts up front to break 21:00, as Alyssa [Roberts ‘24] pushed through her first-ever 5k race here and as Sindhu [Billakanti ‘21], Bella [Shroff ‘21], Bre [Monsivaiz ‘21] and Ingrid [Guo ‘21] finished their last. The red team only edged out the black team by a point--showing a race well run by both sides. Nicely done, ladies!

When the hail fell, followed by that sky-running rainbow, it was as if some higher power was saying--yes, there will be hard things, but then there will be beauty and joy too. In fact, sometimes at the same time.

Thank you for being willing to work this fall despite of everything, and because of it. I hope as you enter the months ahead, you do so with knowledge that by putting one foot in front of the other, by breathing in the cold air and shutting your mind to doubt, that you can do this hard thing. And know that, if you need it, you have a team of people right here who will be cheering you on.

Keep on running, ladies! See you in the spring.

-Mrs. Katie Chaput


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