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Big Red Baseball Honors First Responders and Teachers at Thank You Classic

Lawrenceville will join 51 New Jersey high school baseball teams in the first Thank You Classic. This three-day event (April 30-May 2) honors first responders and teachers for their dedicated service during the COVID-19 pandemic. Big Red will take on Middle Township on Walt Nicgorski Field (Pennsauken, N.J.) at 4 p.m.

The team is playing in honor of Lawrenceville School nurses Beth Cicchino, R.N., and Amy Larson, R.N. Dr. Bruce Kraut, M.D., Lawrenceville’s medical director, had the following to say about Cicchino and Larson:

Amy Larson and Beth Cicchino have selflessly and tirelessly served to keep our community safe during this extraordinary year of the pandemic. Both spent months in high-level planning and preparedness even before the start of the school year ensuring that the resources, the protocols, the procedures, the training, and the personnel were ready to meet the health and wellness needs of the entire school community. 

As head of nursing, Amy has jumped in wherever and whenever needed both within the Health and Wellness Center and across campus, filling in herself for unanticipated late-night shifts in the infirmary, assisting with testing, caring for students, keeping parents informed and reassured, and managing an expanded team of nurses and ancillary staff. 

Beth has been the main engine of the testing and contact tracing apparatus that is the linchpin of our success this year. Her ability to stand up and manage the complex logistics of our biweekly community-wide testing, track results, perform contact tracing, and work so effectively and efficiently with so many constituencies, including students, faculty, staff, senior administration, laboratory personnel, and our local Health Department, was a monumental, 24/7 endeavor. She has managed it with boundless energy and an enduring smile.