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Big Red Profile: Aidan Kane ‘20

Drew Friedman ‘21

Aidan Kane ‘20 plays boys’ varsity basketball and is a great leader and motivator on the team. He’s been a member of the varsity squad for four years, playing under his father, head coach Ron Kane. The Fifth Former is a tri-varsity athlete at Lawrenceville, playing football in the fall, basketball in the winter, and baseball in the spring.

Drew Friedman: What motivated you to begin playing basketball, and when did you first start to have a passion for the game?

Aidan Kane: I have played basketball my entire life and my dad has been coaching here ever since I was young. In a way, that is how I began to have a passion for the game. I think the first organized team I played on was in second grade and I have played ever since.

DF: How has the perspective on the Lawrenceville basketball program changed over the last four years?

AK: I feel like every season is new and different with, of course, both good and bad aspects. My main takeaway has been to adjust and be ready for the expected adversity in a season, and try your best to work as a team to succeed.

DF: What position do you play? Is there any aspect of your position that you find unique?

AK: I play shooting guard and a little bit of point guard. I would describe my playing style as being more of a shooter. [I also have] the ability to drive and make assists to my teammates.

DF: Who is an individual you most admire off the court? Why?

AK: Kobe Bryant is an individual that many admire for his work ethic and his mentality that he had throughout his career. He always wanted to be the best but also wanted the best for his teammates.

DF: How do you successfully juggle the demands/responsibilities of being both a student and an athlete?

AK: Over my first couple of years at Lawrenceville I struggled a bit to manage my athletics and academics. Now, I have become more capable of balancing these commitments. My one piece of advice would be when you have free time to take it as an opportunity to do homework and study. If you have a late practice one evening, you should try to do your work beforehand and not wait until study hall because you may not know how long your work will take you or how tired you will be.

DF: How does it feel knowing that the basketball season is coming to a close and you will only have one term left at Lawrenceville?

AK: It is a sad time that the basketball season is ending because it will be my last time playing basketball on a school team. It is something I have done my whole life so the season coming to an end is unfortunate, but it is also good to know how much it has meant to me over the last few years and the effect it has had on my life.

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