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Big Red Profile: Devon Cole ‘21

Ashley Cohen ‘22
Devon Cole ‘21 has consistently been an integral figure during her three years on the girls’ volleyball team. From her team spirit to her dedication and hard work, Cole epitomizes what it means to be a Big Red captain!

Ashley Cohen: When and how did you first get involved in volleyball?
Devon Cole: I grew up in Southern California and was introduced to beach volleyball at a young age. I went to beach [volleyball] camps most summers, which laid the foundations of the sport before I switched to indoor in fifth grade. From there, I played both club and school volleyball every year, and I've played for Lawrenceville for the last three years!

AC: What is your favorite part about volleyball?
DC: My favorite part of volleyball is the team spirit and hype we all give each other after a crazy rally, play, or big win. There's nothing more exciting than the screaming celebrations on the court and the hugs from our teammates!

AC: What position do you play, and how is it unique from other positions?
I am the libero, which means I am a back row player with the specialty of passing. This position is unique because I am able to stay in the back row the entire game without having to rotate to the front or off the court, and I also wear the opposite color jersey!

AC: What is your favorite Lawrenceville volleyball team tradition?
My favorite Lawrenceville volleyball traditions are our team dinners at TJs and our bus ride dance parties.

AC: Do you find any overlap between volleyball and your other sports?
I do find overlap with volleyball and hockey because I play a unique position in both sports: libero and goalie. Both of these positions have individual roles within a team, so they require similar mindsets. Also, both teams have amazing team comradery, and I would argue they are the best two teams on campus!

AC: What has been the highlight of your Lawrenceville volleyball career? Do any games or tournaments stand out to you?
Last year we got second place in the New Jersey Independent Schools State Championship, and we played so well throughout the whole tournament. Even though we came just short of winning, we earned some of the most exciting points during that tournament, and it was definitely one to remember.

AC: How is the team managing with COVID-19? What adjustments have you made, and how are you trying to make this season feel as normal as possible?
Since we are an indoor sport, our practices had to be moved outside to the grass fields, but we have done a great job in making the practices feel as normal as possible. We start each practice with a workout and transition into the same drills we would be doing inside. I think we are very lucky that we are able to maintain somewhat normal habits!

AC: As a Fifth Former, how does it feel being in your last year on the team?
It's very sad to think that this is my last year, especially since we don't have any competition this season. I will miss this team so much as soon as the season ends, so for now, I'm making the most of it and enjoying every second. We find ways to have little competitions during practice, and while nothing can make up for beating a big rival school, it's fun to be in some game-like situations for our last season. After I graduate I plan to stay in touch with all of my teammates, and maybe try to make it back for a game if I'm in the area!

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