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Big Red Profile: Grayson Miller ‘21

Helen Liu ’22

Grayson Miller ’21 recently qualified for the prestigious Speedo Sectionals competition, the first of the USA Swimming Championship Series.

Helen Liu: What inspired you to begin doing this sport?

Grayson Miller: I learned how to swim when I was really young because I wanted to be like my sister so, when I turned six, my mom sent me to a summer league swim team. I'd known how to swim before that but I had never done any formal practices – it was always just messing around in the pool. However, my summer league coach told my mom that I had a talent for it, so my mom signed me up for the local club team. At first I hated it, but I stuck with it, and here we are!

HL: You used to live in Louisiana. How was swimming there in a club team any different from Lawrenceville swimming?

GM: Growing up, I swam club, which is definitely much more of a time commitment. Practices are all year round, and they’re definitely more intense than they are at Lawrenceville. I was used to very high level swimming regiment before coming to Lawrenceville. I would always go to state meets, so high school swimming is very different, as most of the meets are dual meets. Races are shorter, and you’re not swimming as many events, so it’s definitely a big change from club swimming. But it’s a change I really enjoyed, and I think high school swimming has made me a much more well-rounded swimmer. Even though it’s an individual sport, [highs chool swimming] is all about the team.

HL: How would you describe your swimming career as a boarder at Lawrenceville? Is it harder to stay in shape when Lawrenceville swimming is only one season?

GM: I knew coming to Lawrenceville that I wouldn’t be able to swim all year round like I used to, so freshman fall, I started playing water polo, and freshman spring I would do rowing. If anything, participating in these two sports made me love swimming even more, as it made me realize just how special of a sport it is, and that there’s really no other sport just like it. I’m able to stay in shape with water polo, since I’m in the pool practically everyday, and I don’t lose my touch of the water. Over breaks, when there are no Lawrenceville practices, I try to swim with my club team.

HL: You have qualified for Sectionals in the 100 breastroke. Do you plan on attending the meet this year?

GM: I’ve thought about that, and it really depends how how well I do at Easterns. If I want to continue training and get a better time at Sectionals in order to get recruited, I might attend and see how well I do.

HL: As a junior, college applications are just around the corner. How will swimming come into play when applying to colleges? Do you hope to swim in college?

GM: I’ve swam my entire life and I honestly don’t know what my life would be like without swimming. So whether it’s at a club level or on a D1 or D3 team, that’s definitely something I want to continue to pursue. It depends on what opportunities present themselves, especially with recruiting and which college I will ultimately end up going, but swimming will definitely be something I will continue to do.

HL: In the upcoming weeks, when Lawrenceville will be competing in MAPLs, States, and ultimately Easterns, will you be tapering down for any big swims? What are you aiming for personally and as part of the team?

GM: Personally, I’m shooting for the school record in the 100 breastroke: 58.13. I’m about a second and a half off of it. In the 200 IM, I’m trying to break two minutes, which I’m about two seconds off of. For the team, I want to see as many swimmers qualify for Easterns as possible. Getting up and supporting other swimmers is the best part of high school swimming, and hopefully at the upcoming meets, we will all be up and cheering.

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