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Big Red Profile: Mackenzie Bunnell '21
Mackenzie Bunnell ‘21 is a leader of and major contributor to Lawrenceville’s girls varsity basketball team. She has played three years in the program and this season will be her second year at the varsity level. Bunnell is also a member of the Big Red softball team.
Drew Friedman: What motivated you to begin playing basketball?
Mackenzie Bunnell: I started playing basketball in fifth grade and had a friend who was really great and had been playing for a long time. In a way, she inspired me to get going. We played on the same team from fifth to sixth grade until she got pulled up to varsity. I always admired her and that is one of the main reasons why I continue to play.
DF: How would you describe the culture of the girls’ basketball over the last three years at Lawrenceville?
MB: We obviously dealt with a coaching switch, which was hard at first, but we have all grown a lot together by adjusting to the new coach, Coach [Grey] Simpson. I think that fact that we did not have seniors last year and that the majority of the team are returners has helped the team dynamic socially because we already knew each other. The season has just been a lot of fun because it is more of a continuation of last year as opposed to starting “fresh” again.
DF: What position do you play? Is there any aspect of your position that you find unique?
MB: I actually get moved around quite frequently. Sometimes I will play the three and other times I will step in and play the four. Honestly, they are two very different positions because one requires the skills of a guard while the other is more playing underneath in the post. Each position has its strengths. For example, when I play the four I get to rebound, which is a lot of fun. On the other hand, when I play guard. I handle the basketball more, which helps me become a more versatile player.
DF: Who is an individual you most admire off the court? Why?
MB: I most admire my dad because he has always supported me in everything, and especially in athletics. He always has my back and comes to all my games. I just love having conversations with him after my athletic events because he has a lot of insight and I honestly do not know where I would be without him.
DF: How do you successfully juggle the demands/responsibilities of being both a student and an athlete?
MB: I think bringing school work on our basketball trips is very important because there have been many times that we have come back late and there has been little time left to do homework. On another note, one aspect of the winter season is the inconsistent practice times, so it is important for me to get work done before practice.
DF: As the season is coming to a close, what are your plans going into the spring?
MB: I am very excited to begin playing softball again. I love basketball, but the spring always brings warm weather and a super good time. I feel like softball is where I find my best self, and I am thrilled to begin another season on the team.
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