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Big Red Profile: Marcos Maldacena

Ashley Cohen ‘22
Soccer has always played a huge role in Marcos Maldacena’s ‘21 life. Since his first Lawrenceville soccer practice as a Second Former, he has brought his passion for soccer to the team each day. As a Fifth Former, Maldacena’s positive attitude radiates into the team, even while they face COVID-related obstacles.

Ashley Cohen: How did you first get involved with soccer?
Marcos Maldacena: I first started playing recreational soccer when I was about five years old. My grandpa is from Argentina and played soccer when he was younger. He is still a huge soccer fan today, so he introduced me to the sport! As I got older, I switched from recreational soccer and joined a club team. I played for the Princeton Football Club until sixth grade and joined the Princeton Soccer Association in seventh grade. When I got to Lawrenceville, I knew I wanted to continue the sport.

AC: What is your favorite part about soccer?
MM: I like that soccer is both an individual sport, since you have to improve yourself, and a team sport because our team works together toward a common goal. Our personal improvements make the team better as a whole.

AC: What position do you play, and how is it unique?
MM: I play center midfield. I love it because there is a lot of running, and I am always focused on the game, whether I’m defensive or offensive in that moment. Center midfielder requires a lot of thinking, from figuring out the right pass to getting in the best position possible.

AC: Do you play any other sports on campus? Is there any crossover between soccer and your other sports?
MM: I am also a tennis player! I find that I use the stamina I gain from running in soccer to tennis. The sports are mentally similar as well -- they require a lot of focus during games, high energy throughout the highs and lows, and being able to bounce back when you’re not playing as well as you’d like to.

AC: How do you balance your schoolwork with athletics? Do you have any advice for other student-athletes?
MM: From rigorous academic and athletic schedules, I feel that I’ve learned how to stay organized and manage my time, especially during my Fourth and Fifth Form years. For other student-athletes, I’d suggest getting work done during free moments of the day to get ahead and stay on top of schoolwork. That was always important when we had games after school.

AC: Do any games or tournaments stand out to you? If so, why?
MM: One of our most exciting games was an under-the-lights game against the Hun School last year. It was our last game of the season. We knew the Hun School would be a tough opponent, but we persisted and played some of the best soccer we had played all season. We ended up winning by a few goals!

AC: What is your favorite Lawrenceville soccer tradition?
MM: My favorite tradition is our “psychs” on home game days, when we all wear suits to class. It’s a fun way to mentally prepare us during the day for our game after school.

AC: What is the biggest lesson soccer has taught you, on or off of the field?
MM: Soccer has taught me to never give up. It can be easy to get down when you’re losing during a game, but it’s important that you don’t get wrapped up in that headspace. I’ve learned to stay in the game, and goal by goal, improve myself and the team.

AC: How is the team adjusting with COVID-19? As a team leader, how are you trying to make this year feel as normal as possible?
MM: We don’t have any real games this year, which is a bit disappointing, but we have a lot of fun practice games. The team is still taking practice seriously, especially during our intrasquad scrimmages. It’s also great to be helping the underclassmen improve; I’m excited to see how the team grows in the future! Being out on the field with the team again makes it worth it, even with all of our COVID changes.

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