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Big Red Sports Network Profile Harry Abromovage ‘21

Nico Torres ‘22

Harry Abromovage ’21 began his track career in eighth grade and is now a distance-running specialist. Nico Torres ’22 spoke with the Fifth Former about his athletic journey.
Nico Torres: How did you first get involved with track and field?
Harry Abromovage: I first got involved in track and field as an eighth grader. I was a swimmer for almost ten years, and as I began to grow out of it, distance running provided a similar kind of competition but at a lower level of stress associated with training.

NT: What event(s) do you run, and which skills does it emphasize?
HA: I run distance events, particularly the 1600 and 3200. These events emphasize skills such as a strong aerobic base, mental strength, good in-race decision-making, and most of all, grit.

NT: How do you balance your academics with a varsity sport? Do you have any advice to prospective varsity athletes?
HA: Over the past four years, I’ve found the most success in balancing my academics with varsity sports by planning out my work. In general, I know that I have practice nearly every day, and that I need a consistent seven-to-eight hours of sleep to fully recover. I also know that the amount of work I have for classes often changes on a week-to-week basis. Therefore, I try to plan out my week each Sunday to ensure that I get the sleep I need and finish all my work the best of my ability.

NT: Which shoes do you use to run, and why did you choose them?
HA: I use the Hoka Clifton 6. As a distance runner, I put in a lot of miles on a week-to-week basis. Running those distances on shoes that don’t provide the proper support can lead to difficult injuries. Hokas work really well for me because they have a thick sole and provide the support I need to avoid injury.

NT: What is your favorite part of the indoor track & field meets?
HA: Though it may sound cliche, my favorite part of indoor track and field meets is the energy of the team. Everyone goes into the meet looking to run fast, improve their times, and support one another, and it’s always wonderful to see nearly every member of the team stick around, even after their events are finished, to cheer on those who are still racing.

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