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Big Red Sports Network Profile Jacob Calderon ‘21

William Upchurch ‘21

How did Big Red wrestling keep team spirit alive during a virtual winter term? William Upchurch ’21 interviewed classmate Jacob Calderon to find out.

William Upchurch: How has wrestling changed your experience at Lawrenceville?
Jacob Calderon: Wrestling has given me an outlet during the usually tough winter terms. For the two hours I spent in the wrestling room every day, the only fous I needed to have was to wrestle.”

WU: What steps has the wrestling team taken to maintain the feeling of a season during this virtual winter term?
JC: This term we’ve been holding virtual practices but we have also had more informational Zoom meetings where we have watched some higher level wrestling.
WU: What steps are you taking to stay in shape during the virtual term?
JC: Other than wrestling, I’ve only been going to the gym and using my pull up bar at home.

WU: What is the thing you will miss most about not having one last high school wrestling season?
JC: The one thing I will greatly miss is being able to see the exponential improvement the entire team would go through over the course of the season.
WU: If you could wrestle against someone or a team this season, who would it be and why?
JC: Thomas Lay ‘21. Last season, Thomas and I wrestled a match at Rumble in the Arena where I just barely beat him. We have a very healthy sort of competition between us and I would like to see how a rematch would go.

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