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Big Red Sports Network Spring Crew Preview with Guy Ferrera ‘21

Andrew Wilson ‘21

Big Red Sports Network Reporter Andrew Wilson ’21 sat down with Guy Ferrera ’21 to get a sneak preview of the spring boys’ varsity crew season.

Andrew Wilson: What is your role on the team?
Guy Ferrera: I am one of the co-captains on the team with fellow senior George Wright '21 under Head Coach [Ben] Wright, a Lawrenceville math teacher. I row in the middle of the boat on the port side. Out of the eight seats on the crew boat, the front two seats are for those who are more technically skilled seen as the pace-setters; the two at the back are the balances and are generally lighter athletes, while the middle is considered the "engine" of the boat, providing the speed needed to win races.

AW: What has been the effect of COVID-19 on the team?
GF: It was hard because we lost our season last year, and there's no way to get it back. But this winter, the team has done a tremendous job staying connected through Zoom. We have a spreadsheet online where we post our workouts, so we can all do them together to build team chemistry. We also like to hold team meetings, which allow us to interact on a more social level. In a typical school year, at this time, we would be working out as a team in the Field House. But we can't do that right now, so we must find ways to connect virtually. Luckily, most of our races are at home, which means we will have a season length similar to other years.

AW: Do you think that with this extra time to bond, will the team be better?
GF: It's a mix because this year we were able to row this fall, and it built excitement for the upcoming season, but there's also the other aspect that some seniors did not get to row this fall, making it hard to feel truly united as a team. There is a difference that everyone can discern between the machine and being on the water. I think, in the end, it's going to take us some time to get back into rhythm, but some are hungry and racing to go.

AW: When did you start rowing?
GF: Most of the seniors started the same year as me in [Second Form] year, and I had the great experience of bonding with my teammates for almost four years. As I said, I have been rowing since [Second Form] year, but before I came to Lawrenceville, I played tennis in the spring. It was my primary sport for a while, and I started playing tournaments at 10. But, in the later years of middle school, I began to lose interest. In the spring of my [Second Form] year, I signed up for tennis until some of the juniors and seniors on the crew team had told me that I should row crew. I was very hesitant at first because tennis had been my primary sport for so long, and somehow they got me onto a rowing machine for a workout with them, and I had a great time. There is an indescribable feeling of happiness and peace I felt when I first got on to the water for crew. At that moment, I knew that it was my destiny to row. I love how you can watch yourself pull ahead of the boat you are racing against, even at the last second, which to me is one of the most relaxed feeling in the world.

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