Pass, Set, Spike! Big Red Volleyball Shuts Out George School 2-0

By Ashley Cohen ‘22 

On Wednesday, September 8, the girls’ varsity volleyball team played its first interscholastic volleyball game since fall of 2020. Masks on, the team passed, set, and spiked its way to a 2-0 victory against the George School. Big Red Sports Network Reporter Ashley Cohen ‘22 caught up with Assistant Coach Maddy Smith after the game to recap. 

Ashley Cohen: What went well in your first game of the season?

Maddy Smith: We had a lot of excited energy during Wednesday's game, which helped us maintain a high level of play against George School. They're a more unpredictable, scrappy team, and we managed to control our side of the court well with positive attitudes.

AC: What were the highlights of the game? Who played particularly well?

MS: Sara Xu ‘22 had a few exhilarating plays at the net while Kishori Shah ‘23 and Allison Zhu ‘23 both passed and served quite well!

AC: What will you work on in preparation for your next game?

MS: We worked on block coverage, defensive positioning and getting serves in. In both our games so far, we've missed way too many serves, meaning we've given the opposing teams a fair amount of their points. We've got to minimize errors in order to step up to the next level!

AC: How do you think the outstanding audience turnout impacted the team’s performance?

MS: Oh, it made the game SO FUN! Having a lot of loud people in a small place can be stressful, but our girls took it as a badge of honor and played for the crowd. They ate it up! I can't wait to have a more competitive game with a crowd like last Wednesday's.

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