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By Ashley Cohen ‘22 

On Saturday, September 18, the girls’ varsity soccer team led a valiant effort against the Hotchkiss School. Although ending in a 3-0 loss, the team played with grace and will be looking regroup against Princeton Day School at home on Wednesday, September 22, 2 p.m.. Big Red Sports Network Reporter Ashley Cohen ‘22 caught up with team member Emmy Mercy ’23 after the game to discuss the results.   

Ashley Cohen: What went well for the team on Saturday?

Emmy Mercy: We had really drilled in and tuned in on our defense and communication in recent practices, and it was really cool to see how our team put all those aspects together during the game. The defense held the other team’s offence off, and the field was loud with the sound of effective communication, which improved the game along with the results.

AC: Looking towards your upcoming game against Princeton Day School this Wednesday, what do you hope to work on?

EM: Moving forward, I want to make better passes. As a newer soccer player, touches and quick passes don’t come very easily to me yet. I have no trouble obtaining the ball, but sometimes I have a hard time connecting a strong pass to the right place. So, in the future, I want to focus on sending the ball where it needs to go in a better, more efficient way.

AC: Given COVID-related rearrangements over the past year, how has the team been able to incorporate newer players?

EM: This year our team is a very fresh and young team –– a lot of our four-year varsity players graduated last year, leaving many spots to be filled. I think our team as a whole has done a very good job trying to bond, get to know one another, and learn more about how to work well together. We always go to the locker room before the games and have fun laughing, listening to music, and hanging out with each other. We’ve made a point of supporting our team both on and off the field… that can mean just saying “hi” when passing through the halls!

AC: What are you looking forward to for the rest of the season?

EM: I know our team has so much potential. We’re a bunch of strong parts, and each time we play together, we become closer and closer to one strong soccer machine. I’m excited to see how far we can come and win some games!

Photo credit: Ashley Cohen '22

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