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Big Red Athletics
Big Red Athletics
As fierce competitors, dedicated students, and devoted fans, we work hard, study hard, and cheer hard from the stands. Whether you’re in the field, rink, pool, or gym, or repping Big Red in the bleachers, we’ve got teams for every interest and skill level.

Here at Lawrenceville, we have a three term sports requirement that consists of participation in interscholastic sports, or dance, or intramurals for Third and Fourth Form students, and interscholastic sports or lifetime sports for Second and Fifth Form students. 

As part of the sports requirement there is an exemption request process for those Third through Fifth Form students who apply before spring break for the next school year. Exemptions are limited and are for: high-level, off campus, adult-supervised athletic endeavors. This allows students to spend another term in their primary sport, but if a student is approved for an exemption, that student must play two terms of School interscholastic sports. Students who believe they qualify for this exemption can request a form by contacting the Athletic Department.

Interscholastic Teams

House Sports

Along with our breadth of interscholastic sports, we offer House Sports - a variety of intramural programs such as flag football, ultimate frisbee, handball, basketball, and more.

House Sports are offered to Third and Fourth Form students. Lawrentians love their Houses and, for many of our students, playing for their House is an incredibly fun and rewarding experience - an opportunity to enjoy team competition while balancing other aspects of life. House sports promote physical fitness, social interaction, and campus involvement.

The lessons learned on playing fields have always been an important part of the educational experience at Lawrenceville and instrumental in the growth and development of Lawrentians.

As classmates stand on the sidelines and cheer on their Houses, the energy is felt on the field by all players. The intimacy of the setting makes being a part of the game that much more meaningful and enjoyable!

As classmates stand on the sidelines and cheer on their Houses, the energy is felt on the field by all players.



Lifetime Sports

A comprehensive compilation of fitness programs, Lifetime Sports are designed to advocate for and enhance a life-long commitment to positive physical and emotional habits.

Lifetime sports are offered to Second and Fifth Form students who do not participate in the School’s interscholastic teams. Conditioning, dance, golf, ice skating, soccer, spinning, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, yoga, karate, and Outdoor Programs are among the activities offered.

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