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Big Red Athletics
Big Red Athletics

Here at Lawrenceville, we have a three-term co-curricular athletics requirement. This requirement can be met with participation in interscholastic sports, dance, intramurals, or lifetime sports. Physical activity and education are part of every student's day to keep our community healthy and engaged.

Participation by Grade Level

Code of Conduct


Lawrentian pride runs deep and we know how to show it. Whether competing in the annual House Olympics, playing Frisbee in the Bowl, or giving our all on the football field, Big Red traditions have been bringing us together since 1810.

Athletics is an integral component of the academic curriculum at The Lawrenceville School. Athletic program participants, including its supporters, must at all times exemplify the guiding principles and values that embody every aspect of life at The Lawrenceville School.

Lawrenceville Student Athletes, their Coaches, and Supporters must:

Respect the officials conducting the contest and accept their decisions by knowing and understanding fair play within the rules of the contest. Display positive behavior and use respectful language.

Respect and adhere to the decisions of coaches and officials. Maintain self-control regardless of circumstances.

Respect and recognize their opponents through appreciating excellence regardless of team affiliation. Accept both victory and defeat with pride, humility, and compassion.

The Lawrenceville School believes athletic program participation at all levels is implicit adherence to the aforementioned rules, regulations, and expectations.


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