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Big Red?

Big Red Athletics
Big Red Athletics
Through interscholastic and intramural competition, lifetime sports and activities, and a comprehensive fitness program, participation in Big Red Athletics builds character, instills team values, and sets a standard for lifelong wellness.

Co-Curricular, Not Extra-Curricular

A Lawrenceville education extends from the Harkness table to the House to the fields, courts, stage, studio, and beyond. We call these experiences co-curricular; teamwork doesn't just happen on the field and critical thinking doesn't stop in the classroom — our learning environment is wherever we are. Lawrentians are multi-faceted, and we hold ourselves and one another to high standards in all aspects of life and learning.


Big Red Girls Basketball

We're Here for You

We’re here for you. We’re here for each other. The Lawrenceville community of coaches, trainers, doctors, teammates, and teachers are committed to supporting you and challenging you to do your best. Whether in an athletic, academic, or social environment, your community is here to provide opportunity, reflection, and encouragement. Go Big Red!


Big Red Girls Lacrosse