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Field House

Tsai Field House
Phase I of Tsai Field House opened in fall 2022, realizing the School's vision of "a defining center of gravity on campus that draws us together and showcases treasured values of teamwork and spirited competition."

A robust and transformative education requires a holistic approach to student wellbeing, advancing each Lawrentian’s intellectual, emotional, and physical potential. By combining athletics, recreation, and dining, the forthcoming Tsai Field House will meet this charge. A community resource unlike any other at an independent school, Tsai Field House will provide opportunities for competition, activity, socialization, and nourishment, extending the hallmarks of House and Harkness and inspiring the best in each Lawrentian.

Construction Considerations

Campus Access and Traffic Patterns

Pond Loop Road will be closed to traffic from June 2022-September 2023.
The athletic/rink parking lot will remain open and accessible from the Service Drive.

Athletic Facilities

Loucks Ice Center has been transitioned to a multi-purpose facility with two wood floors, athletic training room, equipment room, and spectator seating. Changing rooms will be available (no lockers).
Indoor track and field will use a combination of on-campus outdoor and off-site facilities.
Athletic practices and competition will continue on campus for all other sports. 

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular practices will continue normal operations in the fall and spring.
Co-curricular practices will operate under a "stacked" schedule for facility usage for the winter, with practice slots ranging from 6:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m., depending upon the day and other scheduling obligations. Practices, dates and times will be consistent.





Temporary  Locations

Track and Field

Indoor Track and Field

Track and Field Complex

The outdoor track will be utilized as often as possible throughout winter. Cold exposure risk and policy guidelines are based on NCAA/NATA Sports Medicine Handbook.

Princeton University

Facilities will be used 2 - 3 nights per week.


Outdoor Track and Field Track and Field Complex



Chambers Field


Boys Varsity Soccer Woods 3 / Getz
Girls Varsity Soccer Woods 2 / Getz
Boys Junior Varsity Soccer 49A
Girls Junior Varsity Soccer Track and Field Complex
Boys Freshman Soccer 49B


Limited cardio equipment, circuit training, and dumbbells will be staged around the perimeter of Loucks Ice Center.
On- and off-campus fitness facility options are available for faculty and staff.

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning space will be available in a space set up temporarily within Loucks Ice Center while Phase II is under construction.
Team training will be available.

Athletic Training

The Athletic Training Room will be located within Loucks Ice Center (warming room adjacent to the mailroom) while Phase II is under construction.




Fall 2022

Phase I of construction opens, including a new pool, hockey rink, dining facility, and lobby. Phase II of construction begins.

Spring 2024

Phase II opens - a renovation of the existing Field House, including our gymnasiums and squash courts, indoor track, field house arena, wrestling room, community fitness center, and sports performance center.

Tsai Field House - Exterior
Tsai Field House - Exterior
Tsai Field House - Exterior
Tsai Field House - Lobby
Tsai Field House - Lobby
Tsai Field House - Exercise Room
Tsai Field House - Exercise Room
Tsai Field House - Track and Basketball Court
Tsai Field House - Hallway
Tsai Field House - Exterior
Tsai Field House - Exterior
Tsai Field House - Ice Rink
Tsai Field House - Pool